Southside’s historic role finds new voice

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Battlefield, Queen’s Park and Langside all feature highly in a new book by MIckey Mayhew entitled The Little Book of Mary Queen of Scots.

But there’s more to the breezy, light reading that makes the torrid, tragic and, sometimes, terrifying life of this well-documented historical character.

Can another historic tome have anything more to say about the regal figure that has not already been said? Perhaps not, but it can be said in a different way and that is what the author has managed to do, make light reading of a hefty historic biography.

With soundbite titbits such as The Party Poopers and Lady Marmalade, this is not aimed at scholars and dusty historians.

It broadens the parameters of geographical boundaries such as the Battle of Langside and ‘The Great Escape’ and dusts off the cobwebs of stories such as The Casket Letters episode.