Southside rodeo

cow on the loose
cow on the loose

Around a dozen bulls are let loose around the streets of Pamplona each year for the annual bull run.

Evidently, thirteen heifers in Pollok Park were jealous of the Mediterranean cousins and decided to join in on the fun.

Cow returns

Cow returns

On Saturday morning at approximately 10am, a pair of dogs spooked the Highland cows — so they ran at the fence and broke free, before stampeding through the southside.

Park manager Marilyn Muir has called on dog owners to be more responsible and ensure this never happens again.

She told The Extra: “This all happened because of an irresponsible dog owner. We would urge people to keep their dogs under control and use common sense.

“This could have been avoided if the owner had alerted us earlier.

“The cows are all, thankfully, back now and they are all recovering”.

A group of six never left the park. However, seven others went on a lengthy expedition of almost two miles, negotiating some of the city’s busiest roads and streets in the process.

A pair ended up in Queen’s Park, four finished their journey outside a block of flats on Mansionhouse Road and one decided it was a time for a service, when the determined bovine arrived at National Tyres in Battlefield.

Fortunately, apart from suffering from exhaustion, none of the cattle were injured, and neither were any people.

However, during the escapade two cars were damaged, including a Honda in for a service at the car centre.

The cow was trapped in the tyre centre for more than an hour — under police guard — until it was taken out by animal rangers.

The other six cows were also rounded up and put into lorries to be return to Pollok Park for some much needed rest.

The incident caused much excitement — and chaos — around the southside, including during the weekly Parkrun in Pollok Park.

Runner David Moore said: “I few ladies at one point were literally running in front of the heifers before we all took cover behind the trees.

“No-one was hurt although I don’t think those ladies needed that sort of encouragement to do a sprint finish.

“I’m glad all the heifers are found safe. Next time I’m bringing my matador outfit”.