Southside artist cracks the code

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Southside artist Frank To is attempting to crack the Da Vinci code in his latest exhibition, Ghost in the Machine.

The two-year study is inspired by the anatomical manuscripts of Leonardo Da Vinci, and their discovery by Scottish anatomist William Hunter, founder of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum.

Frank said: “The most interesting thing about Da Vinci’s anatomical work is that they were almost disregarded as artistic sketches if it wasn’t for William Hunter.

“Hunter intended to publish Da Vinci’s anatomical studies, but died before he could do so. It wasn’t until in the 20th century that there was a greater appreciation for Da Vinci’s work. So in a way, I am continuing Hunter’s ambitions of publishing Da Vinci’s anatomical studies, but with painting.”

Fan’s of the southsider’s work can catch Ghost in the Machine at Gallery Q in Dundee, April 15 - May 10.