Solidarity from Clarkston to Greece

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East Renfrewshire activists joined a worldwide anti-austerity protest last night (Wednesday) in a show of solidarity with the people of Greece amid the country’s ongoing financial crisis.

The Common Weal East Renfrewshire group gathered at Clarkston Toll from 7.30pm in protest of “the treatment of Greece at the hands of the Troika”.

#ThisIsACoup demonstrations took place across the UK from Liverpool to London, and in Athens, Brussels, Sydney, multiple cities across Germany and the USA yesterday.

For the local group, it was a chance to “say OXI to austerity and yes to democracy and people’s power”.

Common Weal representative Sean Smith told The Extra: “It is an important issue for the people of East Ren because even if it does not have a direct or tangible impact on the people here, it showcases to everyone the attitudes of the politicians and unelected bureaucrats at the top of our society.

“This may affect Scotland in the near future, both at Westminster and in Europe.”

The same demonstration was taking place in Glasgow at the Buchanan Street steps, outside the Royal Concert Hall.