Smart Parking is anything but!

Smart Parking at Clarkston Toll have come under fire again.
Smart Parking at Clarkston Toll have come under fire again.

A retired Darnley woman is fighting what she calls an ‘injustice’ and wants to warn others who may find themselves in a similar position.

Dorothy Matheson was attending an appointment in Clarkston two weeks ago and parked her car in the rooftop car park.

She paid her parking fee using the automatic system, entering her number plate and the required fee.

Then this week, she was horrified to receive a ‘penalty notice’ telling her that her ticket was invalid.

Apparently Dorothy had inadvertantly used the letter O instead of the numeral 0.

Smart Parking who operate the car park, and who The Extra knows well from previous skirmishes over parking notices have refused Dorothy’s appeal.

She told us: “I wasn’t trying to evade payment I simply made a genuine error. This company are a nightmare to deal with, they don’t have a complaints dept, and appeals are not heard by an independent body. They simply act as judge, jury and executioner!”

The Extra tried to contact Smart Parking on behalf of Mrs Matheson but received no response.

A parking operator has no power to recover a parking charge without first taking court action. The ‘parking notice’ is nothing more than an invoice for an alleged breach of the operators terms and conditions. These ‘tickets’ are a civil penalty and have no criminal liability attached.

We have provided information on the legality of penalty notices in Scotland previously, which is available here: