Sky Sangha has local southside connections

Sky  Sangha are an up and coming band with local southside talent.
Sky Sangha are an up and coming band with local southside talent.

A new Glasgow band who feature members from East Ren have recorded three tracks and are hoping for big things as they gear up for their first gig.

Sky Sangha, Glasgow’s newest rock offering perform their debut gig at Cottiers on Friday, January 15 - and it looks like it’s going to be a busy show!

A mix of hard rock groove and lyrical melodies with female vocals, this band sound somewhere between Led Zepplin and Alice in Chains, though some have made sonic connections to notes of Fleetwood Mac, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and even Opeth! Glasgrunge…we’ll call it Glasgrunge.

Sky Sangha have recorded three tracks soon to be released. For anyone looking to hear them perfecting their craft available, there is a video on the band’s social media.

If you’re going along to your first gig of 2016, rest assured the band are new but are aiming to set the bar high.

Graeme Slicer, originally from Thornliebank but now living in Croftfoot told The Extra: “We’re setting out to do something a little different, and we’re only just getting started but we’re really excited.

“We all have very similar but different tastes in music, ranging from very modern to pretty classic 60s and 70s stuff, and we’re bringing a lot of different elements in to our writing.

“Our main aim is to write music that that has both light and darks elements to it. I reckon you could call it rock, but we’re actually having somewhat of a difficult time pinning it down to any kind of specific genre, especially since some of our friends seem to hear all sorts of different influences in there!

“But I suppose it’s not really that important, as long as people enjoy what they hear. The idea of being able to entertain people with something we’ve created really drives us.

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