SK Studios have the trust of First Minister

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon spins the decks.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon spins the decks.

Two music entrepeneurs who are using their status to help those less fortunate met with the First Minister last week to discuss their plans.

SK Studios are currently delivering a 10-week course at Rouken Glen Park, in conjunction with Young Enterprise Scotland on ‘Music & Events’.

The course is for local youngsters aged 14+, who are deemed “furthest from the employment market” and teaches them everything about putting on their own event and giving them confidence and skills they require to be noticed by employers.

SK Studios owners Stephen Kirkwood and Steven Galloni, met with Nicola Sturgeon at the Princes Trust last week, where the pair discussed launching short courses based around the music and events industry, designed to give young people the confidence the confidence to go out and seek out their dreams and passions.

The classes at Rouken Glen culminate on August 9 when the group will host their own employment event at the park with the Police, Army, Fire Brigade, DF Concerts and many local businesses inattendance. This is showcased as a networking event, but also gives the group an opportunity to be in front of potential employers showcasing their skills. The hope is that it also highlights to employers that great members of staff do not have to come from the conventional education routes.

Stephen told The Extra: “It was an honour to meet Nicola today. Having someone with such a lofty position in government listening to – and agreeing with – what we were saying was really something special.”

“We here at SK Studios are here to support the Scottish Government and the education system on the journey to helping improve the lives of young people in Scotland.”