Signs of the future for Thornliebank?

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EAST Renfrewshire councillors have described banners on Thornliebank’s Main Street as a “clear signal of its commitment to regeneration”.

However, several local people have spoken out, believing the move to be an empty gesture.

David McLelland – a reader from Thornliebank – described the move as an “absolute waste of money.

“How about taking on an empty unit and making an internet community centre - it would help local people with no internet to access online services e.g. job hunting, council information.

“Or commit to a new library - or at least stop the rumours of closure for the current one.”

Fellow resident Pauline Baxter added: “Colourful banners are a total waste of money. Just start at Barrmill Road , level the ‘grassy’, now mud-filled, side for parking and put speed bumps on it, and a 20 mile per hour limit to stop it being a rat run. Kids and the elderly are not safe living there.”

However, Thornliebank’s elected officials at East Renfrewshire council believe the banners — which feature the bright logo from the A Place to Grow campaign, the council’s economic development strategy — instill “pride” in residents and “celebrate” East Renfrewshire.

Council leader Jim Fletcher told The Extra: “We want to demonstrate to residents that we are fully committed to the area and ensuring it is a place where people want to live and work.

“These banners are a clear statement that the council intends to focus on regeneration.”

Fellow ward councillor Vincent Waters added: “We are laying down a marker, we intend this to be a sign of things to come.”

Their colleague Gordon Wallace admitted the move was a “small gesture” but said it was a “precursor of significant investment in a village which has played such an important role in the history of Eastwood”.

Among the plans for Thornliebank’s future is a complete renovation of the flattened building on the Main Street.