Shocking figures for Barrhead firebugs!

Deliberate fire-setting costs lives!
Deliberate fire-setting costs lives!

A set of quite shocking figures on deliberate fire-setting at an East Ren council meeting revealed nearly half took place in Barrhead!

The meeting heard that during the first quarter of the financial year (April to June) 81 deliberate fires were recorded in East Renfrewshire, of which 44 happened in the Barrhead ward.

The vast majority of these deliberate fires (73 in East Ren and 39 in Barrhead) fall into the category of ‘secondary fires’, meaning they involve rubbish, grass or derelict structures.

During the same period in 2015 there was an East Renfrewshire total of 59 deliberate fires (49 of which were secondary fires), including 30 in Barrhead (of which 24 were secondary fires).

Senior officer for East Renfrewshire, Area Manager David Proctor said: “Between April and June this year our crews were called to more deliberate fires than they were during the same three month period of 2015.

“Ninety per cent of these incidents involved items such as rubbish and grass and a significant number, although not all, happened within the Barrhead area.

“Many deliberate fires are started by young people who may not know that their actions could have tragic consequences either for themselves or for others within the community.

“Even if a fire stays small it will mean at least one of our crews is unavailable to respond to an emergency, which could delay firefighters from reaching someone trapped in a burning building or after a serious collision.

“Anyone with information on those responsible for starting fires should share it with police by calling 101.”