Shawwood Park is preferred option – but no decision made on leisure centre site

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Shawwood park has been identified as the preferred option for the new Eastwood leisure centre.

A report by consultants who looked at alternative sites concluded that the site is the most suitable options for the Leisure Centre.

The report is due to be considered by councillors at the next meeting on Wednesday evening, October 31

Consultants looked at ten sites – Eastwood campus, Woodfarm, Braidbar/Huntly Park, Rouken Glen North, Rouken Glen East, Rouken Glen South and Drumby were all considered unsuitable.

Three sites remained under consideration – Overlee, Broomburn and Shawwood.

And consultants concluded that Shawwood remained the best option.

In their report on the Shawwood site they stated: “In terms of ground conditions it has minimal issues, risks and threats to development.

“There are no existing facilities on this site that would be impacted.

Due to its location it presents opportunities to stimulate regeneration in the local area and potentially drive increased footfall to the local shops.”

Consultants went on to say that should there be any unidentified issues with Shawwood, it would be possible to develop the new facility at Broomburn and still achieve the same benefits.

While Shawwood has been identified as a likely option, East Renfrewshire Council stressed that no decision has been made and criticised comments made by East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton and Eastwood MSP, Jackson Carlaw who claimed that the green light had already been given by the SNP/Labour administration.

Masterton and Carlaw blasted the decision and claimed that a decision had been taken to move to Shawwood after various other location in the constituency had been dismissed.

Mr Masterton said: “The decision reached by the SNP-Labour administration on the future of Eastwood Leisure Centre is based on a consultation which doesn’t appear to be worth the paper it is written on. We will continue to stand up for residents as we fight this flimsy, short sighted decision.”

Mr Carlaw added: “It seems as if the Council had this plan all along, and railroaded the wishes of local residents with a sham consultation. Paul Masterton MP and I stand against the proposal in the strongest possible terms and would encourage residents who haven’t already to sign up to our petition.”

A spokesman for East Renfrewshire Council said: “It is absolutely not the case that any decision has been taken over a proposed site for the location of a new leisure centre.

“A report going to a meeting of the full council next week quite clearly indicates that a new study is to be carried out looking at the feasibility of a new leisure centre in Eastwood Park.

“Once this work has been completed, the Director of Environment will report back to the council. We reiterate that no decision has been taken on any site.”