Shawlands Parking Mad campaign comes to a close

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A PETITION set up by The Extra calling on Glasgow city council to reconsider a parking charge increase for Shawlands has now closed.

The Parking Mad campaign was launched last month following the news that on-street parking on Kilmarnock Road would rise from 20p per hour to 80p per hour — a 300 per cent increase.

The petition — backed by Shawlands and Strathbungo community council, Shawlands Business Association and local politicians — has received 133 signatures.

Supporter Neil Cumins commented: “This will be very detrimental to Shawlands in terms of visitors who aren’t within walking distance.

“That can only be bad for the very shops I frequent and rely on.”

Stuart Burgess agreed, adding: “In these times of austerity, such an increase is totally unjustified and will also damage local businesses who depend on passing trade.”

Speaking during the festive shopping period, a spokesman for the Shawlands Business Association said: “The general feedback is that customers are not happy.

“Although not scientific, there appear to be a lot of spaces on Kilmarnock Road when you would expect it to be full — and the situation is not helped by the parking officers being very active in the area.”

Meanwhile, supporter Paul Dewar raised problems for nearby residents, commenting: “Parking is already nigh on impossible for side street residents — thanks GCC for making things worse.”

Evelyn Morris added that the move was “not in the interest of the Town Centre Action Plan” — thec ouncil’s £3.3 million investment plan for Shawlands.

The council response at the launch of the Parking Mad campaign maintained that the increase — the first since 2004 — was in response to “inflationary demands”.

The petition will now be submitted to GCC, made available to the public to view on the council’s website and a committee date will be allocated to decide on further action.