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The preliminary consultation on parking in Giffnock is now closed — but Giffnock Community Council is calling on residents who haven’t yet shared their views.

Giffnock was the latest area to come under review by East Renfrewshire Council, and residents were asked to share their comments by September 6.

Now, Giffnock CC has extended the invitation until its AGM meeting on September 29, after which it will present its findings to the council.

Chair Savio D’Souza told The Extra: “The main concern is about whether we need to keep the clearway along Fenwick Road. Most seem to be in agreement that we shouldn’t.

“It’s not needed in the evening on the northbound side, but it’s affecting local businesses. It speeds up the traffic on Fenwick Road, which could cause more accidents as well.

“Even if the restriction times were reduced, I think it would be appreciated.”

The plan restricts much of the main Fenwick Road to no waiting at any time or no waiting 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Giffnock councillor Vincent Waters admits that ERC faces a challenge in meeting the needs of both residents — particularly those in streets near the centre — and businesses.

He said: “What will be difficult is to find a solution which everyone will be 100 per cent happy with and at the same time justify restrictions legally.

“We will try to get the most sensible, popular and workable end result that we can. The roads department has to weigh objections up and still create a plan for safe and efficient traffic flow.”

Share your thougjhts by September 29 by emailing