Service users show their love with coffee morning cash boost

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East Renfrewshire Good Causes is £362.50 richer, thanks to the efforts of Thornliebank and Barrhead resource centre.

Service users at both facilities ran a coffee morning fundraiser recently, with half of the proceeds going to the local charity and half to Breast Cancer UK.

Russell Macmillan, founder of ERGC - which facilitates good deeds and odd jobs for those in need in the East Ren area - told The Extra: “Last year we appealed to local groups to use half of any money they’d raised for charity to love our own neighbours, giving the rest to the big, nationwide charities.

“The service users committee chose us, and I would personal like to applaud each and every person involved in the tremendous example that the group is setting, by showing us all the importance of loving our neighbours in East Renfrewshire.

“There is something so humbling about seeing this wonderful group of adults with special needs raising money for others in their own community and beyond.”