Scottish Gas roadworks in Barrhead for 20 weeks

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Scottish Gas Network (SGN) is carrying out essential work in the Victoria Road area of Barrhead.

The work involves the replacement of old, metal gas mains with new plastic pipe.

The project started on Monday, January 21 and will last approximately 18 weeks. The work will be completed in four phases.

Phase 1 (approx. 3 weeks) - Work begins on Victoria Road between the junctions of Paisley Road and Victoria Gardens. The footpath on one side will be closed and temporary three-way traffic lights may be required at the junction of Victoria Road and Paisley Road.

Phase 2 (approx. 4 weeks) - Work will begin from number 34 Carlibar Road to the Arthurlie Football Club entrance. Temporary two-way traffic lights will be in place around the work area.

Phase 3 (approx. 4 weeks) - Work will begin on Paisley Road between Victoria Road and Fereneze Grove. Temporary two-way traffic lights will be set up.

Phase 4 (approx. 7 weeks) - Work will be ongoing in Paisley Road between the junctions of Fereneze Grove and the railway bridge. Work will also be done in Carlibar Road from the train station to number 34 Carlibar Road. Temporary four-way traffic lights will be installed in place of the permanent traffic lights at the junction of Paisley Road and Graham Street at the junction of Cross Arthurlie Street and Carlibar Road.

SGN will be posting regular updates on its website Scottish gas Network and social media channels.