Scottish artist’s star in ascendence

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A young southside artist looks set to make his mark in the art world.

Frank To, hailed as “Scotland’s youngest and fastest rising art star”, is to exhibit a selection of his latest work at the Exhibition of Scottish Painters at the Stafford Gallery in London later this month.

To’s unusual painting technique is attracting international attenton as a leading contemporary painter amongst art critics and high profile collectors alike, including actor Sir. Patrick Stewart and New York based Michel Witmer, who hangs To’s paintings alongside those of Picasso, Dine and Warhol.

Commenting on his new work, To said: “For the first time since secondary school, I’m painting still-life objects. It’s a whole new process for me to paint like this. What I have discovered is that even the simplest object, like a candle, is physically unique due to markings on its ever changing surface. What’s fascinating to me is that now I appreciate the act of just looking at an object and exploring its physical history.

“I’m pleased to be part of this exhibition. I think it’s important to show that Scottish art is greatly appreciated outside Scotland especially in London. Hopefully by doing well in this exhibition proves that Scottish art is still going strong in difficult times.”

Judy Stafford, owner of Stafford Gallery, said: “For one so young, Frank has already established an enviable reputation as a young artist. His recent paintings attracted much attention in Scotland and resulted in sell-out shows. Already, he is making a name for himself in London.”