School run

The fight to save Robslee primary stepped up a gear last week when more than 60 parents took part in a cattle drive demonstration.

The group of disgruntled commuters tried the school run, meeting at Rouken Glen and driving to Giffnock primary in order to realistically represent the congestion.

Robslee parents involved believe the resulting gridlock is another reason the proposal of closing the school and transferring its pupils to Giffnock primary is not acceptable.

Caroline Potts (32) was one of the parents joining in the demonstration. Her five-year-old son Xander is currently in primary one at Robslee.

She told The Extra: "The demo was bedlam. There is no reason for us to have to travel further to take our children to school.

"It will split a community and provide a great educational detriment to our children".

Following the cattle drive, an East Renfrewshire council spokesman said that "we acknowledge traffic will be an issue and that congestion would be an issue at Giffnock at the start and end of the school day".

On Tuesday evening, a public meeting took place at Woodfarm high school to discuss the consultation.

Despite both education convenor Alan Lafferty and director of education, John Wilson, being present, concerned parent Elaine Campbell (44) believes "a lot of questions were left unanswered".

Mrs Campbell, with two children at Robslee, said: "Both men refused to answer questions about the building being used to solve problems of overcrowding at Our Lady of the Missions —despite it being relevant.

"What needs to be looked at are catchment areas which do not accurately reflect the areas they are supposed to represent.

"If they were redrawn so children went to there nearest school it would alleviate the problem".

Mr Wilson told The Extra: "There are a number of options open to the council for future use of the Robslee building if the proposal to amalgamate Robslee and Giffnock primaries is agreed.

"These include the possibility of making some or all of the facilities available to the OLM primary community.

"Any future use of the building or land-sale values cannot and will not be considered by the education committee as part of (its) decision making on the proposal to amalgamate the primary schools. We must look at the proposal on its own merits."