Scammers doing the rounds

SOUTHSIDERS are being warned to be extra aware after it emerged a trio of scams are targeting southsiders.

In the first scheme, which attempts to convince elderly people to give away their bank details, calls claim to be from BT or the telephone preference service, offering protection from bogus callers.

The sting comes when the recipient of the call agrees that they would like this service and are then asked for their bank details to pay in the region of £50 for the service.

Cathcart MSP James Dornan said: “I want to stress to my constituents that the telephone preference service is free.

“No-one from the TPS will call you up and ask for money. Anyone doing so is a fraudster and you should simply hang up the phone”.

Meanwhile, a too good to be true Euromillions Lottery scam is also doing the rounds.

Authorities were alerted last week when an ERC resident received a letter from the ‘president of Euromillion Lottery International’ informing her that she had won £825,000 in a draw which took place in Zurich.

This was, supposedly, her share in a £165million pot of cash to be shared between 200 ‘lucky winners’.

The ‘president’ asked her to send a fax to ‘Anchor Security’ followed by a phone call.

“On no account respond to this”, insisted East Renfrewshire Council’s principal trading standards officer Steve Fox, “if you send the fax it could be premium rate, you’ll give lots of personal details which are worth money to scammers”.

“If you were to contact the phone number then they ask for bank details so that they can pay in the winning cheque.

“They now have personal details and a bank account which is gold dust to scammers and I’m afraid its bye bye to your personal security and hello to identity theft.

“You will also be on their contact list and will be bombarded by more scams, junk mail and calls.”

The final scam involves an e-mail being sent supposedly from a well known online retailer, thanking you for your order to purchase items from their website.

The email states that this is only an acknowledgement of receipt of your order which has been passed to our dispatch department to be processed, but, upon querying the order, a number of residents have been asked for their credit card number to “check the order”.

East Renfrewshire Council’s principal trading standards officer Steve Fox said: This is known as ‘phishing’ and this sort of scam has been rife over the recent months. So please beware and never reply to this kind of e-mail”.