Say no to cold calling

If in doubt, keep them out.
If in doubt, keep them out.

A WARNING against doorstep calling conmen has been issued by East Renfrewshire council in association with community police.

According to the council’s trading standards team, the area is a continual target for cold callers who knock on doors offering to carry out roof repairs, driveway or gardening work.

The price then frequently rises from the original offer, and the work is rarely done properly — if at all.

Trading standards has produced a sticker which residents can display on their door in order to ward off cold callers.

Principal officer Steve Fox urged: “Please affix a sticker to your door. There are two types — one for the outside and one for the inside glass on your door.

“If a cold caller ignores the sticker, politely point it out to them and close the door. If they call again, complain to us”.

The door stickers are being circulated throughout the East Ren area, and are available at council office receptions, libraries and swimming pools, as well as from the council website.

Community convener councillor Mary Montague is backing what she calls “an excellent initiative between the trading standards team and local community police.

“We hope this will help reduce the likelihood of people, particularly our older and vulnerable residents, becoming victims of crime in their home”.

Trading standards has added a list of dos and don’ts, which officers say should be applied whenever a householder employs workmen.

These include asking friends and family for recommendations, getting quotes which include details of the work as well as the cost, knowing the full details of the business you are dealing with and checking if guarantees are insurance-backed.

Get reciepts and avoid paying cash — cheques provide you with proof of payment, and credit cards offer added protection of claiming against the provider if the trader goes bust.

Don’t pay up front, or if you are unhappy with the work carried out — instead contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506.

If you suspect that a fraudulent company is operating in East Renfrewshire, note any identifying details (such as a vehicle registration) and report it on 0800 0130076.