Sally’s hair shave raises a whopping £6,000 for CRUK

A kind and caring 13-year-old who saw her mum’s best friend, Sandra MacPherson, lose her battle with cancer has raised more than £6000 for charity.

Sally Smart, a second year student at St Ninian’s, opted to have her head shaved, and to raise sponsorship to help Cancer Research UK.

Sally’s mum Ann said: “Sally was affected by the death of a close family friend and in our loss she decided to do something.

“She researched the different ways to raise money and concluded that the way to raise the most money was to shave her hair. And it turns out she was right!”

The young fundraiser shaved her hair on Friday, April 29, when she invited some of her school friends to the house to support her while it was being done.

Sally said: “It was a fun night with lots of singing, cheering and supportive comments from around 30 of my second year friends from St Ninian’s High School.

The hair was donated to the Little Princess Trust who make wigs for children suffering from cancer.