Rouken Glen celebration

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OPPORTUNITY equinox for a group of Druids this month as they gather in Rouken Glen park for the winter solstice.

The Druids of Caledon include folk from diverse backgrounds. One is an electrician, one an artist while another is a park ranger.

Ray Stirton from Perth said: "We want to let people know what Druidry is all about.

"There are no sacrificial rituals, or anything like that.

"Druidry is not a religion, it is a dynamic and vital nature-based spirituality that encompasses everything and unites our love of the earth with our love of creativity and the arts.

"We all follow a spiritual path in a loving and peaceful way".

The group's first visit to the park was on August 1 to celebrate the grain festival of Lunasdalor – or the harvest of the full moon.

They target eight festivals per year, including the summer and winters solstices, the equinoxes, Beltane and Yule.

The Druids of Caledon was created in 2004. Its followers believe that we are all the children of Mother Earth and Father Sky and that we were created by the Great Spirit – which created the universe.

Another member said: "Druidry teaches the appreciation of sunrises and the sound of water.

"We are free to express divinity as we experience it.

"To those who are willing to learn, it teaches love and compassion, to listen to the song of our hearts and the music of the earth.

"And, sometimes, hugging trees is in order"!

The Druids are keen for people to come along and discover what their beliefs are and why they hold them.

And Rouken Glen park, they claim, is an excellent venue for them.

Ray added: "We found Rouken Glen park very inspirational – walking through the yew trees and paths.

The park is wonderful and full of happy people with many places for families and children.

"We thought is was very relaxing walking through the park which has so many lovely spots: it wastranquil and inspired us for future meets".

The Druids will be meeting at the park's visitor centre on Sunday at 1pm.

So, go along and meet them. Yule not regret it.