Robslee parents react in anger

ROBSLEE primary is set to be used by Our Lady of the Mission pupils in a bid to tackle the overcrowding problem at the school.

The building will no longer be used by Robslee pupils when the school closes in 2014, with all children transferring to Giffnock primary.

Plans are in place to establish a physical link between the two current buildings to turn OLM into a four-stream school at a cost of £800,000.

As a result, additional parking and play space would be provided for OLM pupils.

The council have assured residents that Robslee would not be used by OLM until all pupils have transferred to Giffnock primary school.

Save Robslee campaigner David McClelland believes this outcome was inevitable.

He told The Extra: “Despite repeated denials from the education department, and failure to mention future use of the Robslee school in the flawed consultation, everyone knew this was going to happen.

“With an expected internal and external refurb, it is likely that the cost of forcing the Robslee and Giffnock children to share an over-crowded, Victorian school will be millions.

“ERC have just shifted an over-crowding problem from one school to another, and driven deep divisions into a previously united community”.

A council spokesman defended the move. He said: “One issue is the balance of non denominational places which resulted in the merger of Robslee and Giffnock primaries.

“The second is the accommodation pressures at Our Lady of the Missions primary school. The council has put forward two solutions to help fix two separate issues”.