Robslee: parent’s reaction

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ANGRY parents have criticised plans to close their children’s primary school.

As reported in this week’s Extra, East Renfrewshire council education department propose closing Robslee.

Vicky Kitson, full-time mum to Jacob who attends the school, said: “It is disgusting. My child is in primary one just now. I’m appalled.

“The phased approach was the one thing I dreaded the most. It’s not a bank where things can be merged and amalgamated it is children we’re talking about”.

Caroline Potts, mum to primary one pupil Xander, told The Extra: “Any result other than closing it is what we want.

“It is just disappointing. We are still hopeful it will not go through because there are so many flaws they haven’t fixed”.

Elaine Jack’s son Alexander attends Robslee on a placing request from Paisley.

The mum-of-three works full-time and her mother picks up Alexander from school.

She said: “We’ve been wanting to move closer to my mum but our house has been on sale for the past two years.

“If this goes ahead I don’t know how I will cope if Alexander is at Giffnock and my daughters are at a different school.

“They should be ashamed of themselves.

“They just want to turn it into one big campus. I don’t see what the educational benefits are for the children in doing this”.

David McClelland’s son Callum attends Robslee with his daughter Rosie due to start in August.

He told The Extra: “I can see no financial gain and no educational benefit. The only positive that can be seen is there will be more children for them to interact with.

“But that won’t be the case for the upper school in Robslee who will be left for a year in a half empty school”.

And local politicians are also united in their stance at the plans.

Stewart Maxwell (SNP) said: “I realise ERC have a number of difficult issues they need to deal with, including the pressure on OLM but the solution to the problem at OLM is not the closure of Robslee and merging it with Giffnock”.

Jackson Carlaw said: “The decision is not acceptable.

“The expressed will of those consulted was for the school to remain open. The consultation process was flawed”.

Ken Macintosh said: “This is not an appropriate response.

“These are both successful, popular schools.

“This decision should be called in by Scottish ministers as it is not in anybody’s educational benefit”.