Roads: they’re all going 
to potholes

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LIKE clockwork, freezing temperatures and black ice have played havoc on Glasgow’s roads once again this December.

With no let up in the weather conditions, we asked local people if they thought Glasgow city and East Renfrewshire councils are doing enough to combat the negative effects of winter.

Thornliebank’s Elsie Whyte (60) is disappointed by the measures taken by the local authorities.

She told The Extra: “The roads are a mess, they are full of potholes and the amount of times I have almost fallen on the pavement is beyond a joke.

“People are going to get seriously injured, it must be taking a huge toll on the local hospitals. It is very short-sighted to save money on roads, it is extremely dangerous”.

Shawlands based Donald Robertson (67) feels potholes should be the priority. He said: “When they grit over potholes it just makes them worse. They just seem to get worse every single year.

“Massive investment needs to get made. Glasgow city council just papers over the cracks each time instead of trying to make a real difference and getting rid of the problem once and for all”.

Bryan Bell, an 18-year-old painter and decorator who works in Shawlands, thinks the pavements are too slippy.

He said: “People are going to get hurt. If the winter weather continues I hope more will be done.

“I would be interested to see how many people have ended up in hospital by falling on the pavements and by accidents on the road this winter. The potholes also need filled”.

Jackie McGregor, a 33-year-old cleaner from Thornliebank, said: “Why do people even bother paying road tax?

“It seems to get worse every single year. There are roads that just continue to be ignored. The pavements are even worse”.

And 68-year-old Carolyn Paterson, who lives in Pollokshaws, is annoyed that “side roads continue to be ignored”.

She said: “I live in sheltered housing and a lot of my neighbours are essentially trapped in their house. The pavements are a hazard. I don’t understand why some streets get constant attention and others are always forgotten about”.