Road block

Speed bumps could be set to make a return to Firwood Road despite community opposition.

After many months without them, East Renfrewshire council are currently consulting local people on its proposal to re-install new traffic calming measures on the Newton Mearns street.

An East Renfrewshire council spokesman said: “When we resurfaced Firwood Road and removed the traffic calming measures we noted that the speed cushions were deteriorating and towards the end of their natural life and required to be replaced.

“Following resurfacing we analysed the speed of traffic without the cushions, it was noted that speeds started to increase, in some cases quite significantly.

“We appreciate that this splits local opinion and we want to assure residents that it is after careful consideration of facts and with an eye focussed on the safety of residents, pedestrians and other road users that we have made our recommendation”.

Newton Mearns south councillor Ian McAlpine has made an official complaint to East Renfrewshire’s road service as he believes seven speed bumps is “too many”.

“I’m in favour of signs or chicanes. Speed bumps can cause damage to cars and I believe we have been better without them in the four or five months they have been gone”.

NMCC have also voiced their concerns about the speed bumps while local resident Ivor Tiefenbraum has slammed the council’s decision .

He told The Extra: “The end of my street has totally disintegrated and is little more than a rubble trackle in parts. Road maintenance in the area leaves much to be desired.

“This once again inappropriate expenditure will no doubt reduce the priority of attending to road surfaces which are far from satisfactory.

“The speed bumps will interfere with speed of traffic flow and will divert traffic away from Firwood road, causing more fuel consumption, wear, tear, noise and congestion”.

Meanwhile, in order to allow carriageway resurfacing, traffic restrictions will be in place on Pollokshaws Rd in both directions between Albert Drive and Maxwell Road until Sunday March 4.

The work is part of Glasgow city council’s investment in roads. A GCC spokewoman said: “As part of our ongoing city-wide strategic investment programme we have invested £34million in road resurfacing and carriageway improvements over the last two years — and £22million in the current financial year alone.

“Last week in our budget for the coming financial year we have allocated a further £12million to this.

“Most people understand that in order to carry out this work there will be some level disruption and inconvenience caused until they are complete”.