Restaurant Review: value for money at neighbourhood bar

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January can fair play havoc on your purse. The dreary first month of the year feels like an extended festive hangover, but with fond memories of the night before long gone.

Few of us are dining out in the priciest of places — but luckily, Shawlands has that covered.

From charity shows to gigs by up-and-coming young stars, Jayz Bar has been on the The Extra’s radar for a while, and we thought it high time to order up some grub.

Home cooking describes Jayz to a tee, with prices lower than your average Glasgow eatery and hearty portions to please those avoiding the diet season.

The other half and I ordered starters and were met with heaving plates; one oozing with nachos, the other supporting sizeable wedges of baked brie.

The first, a meal in its own right covered in toppings and tangy jalepenos, was good — the second was better; crisp parcels erupting with warm, gooey cheese, perfectly paired with tomato chutney.

After tackling that mountain of comfort food, we moved on; for the OH, a cheeseburger with extremely chunky chips and for me, king prawn fajitas.

Jayz owner Gary has made it his mission to stay away from the freezer, and a good quality, meaty burger was testament to it, although a little too much relish on top detracted from the beef. Chip fans will love those crispy wedges — and it’s a good job too, with plenty of them.

There were plenty of plump prawns sizzling away on my side of the table — an ingredient some restaurants can skimp on — alongside pillowy wraps, cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole; all making for a messy but enjoyable feast.

If anyone out there makes it to dessert at Jayz, please let us know how you go, because those generous plates had defeated us by round two.

It may not be posh nosh, but Jayz is a good option for a leisurely family meal — and the prices alone will cure any January blues.

Rating: 7.5/10

Jayz Bar & Restaurant

87 Kilmarnock Road


G41 3YR

Tel: 0141 649 8737