Restaurant Review: the long and short of mall’s new spot

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It’s hard to miss Silverburn’s latest family-friendly food joint, what with the 10ft giraffe standing outside (kudos for the

Giraffe is a catch-all-cuisines eatery attached to Tesco — the kind of place populated by frazzled young families.

The other half and I were surprised to see how many diners were seated on a Monday night — perhaps a testament to the shiny new branch, all decked out in colour and reclaimed materials.

We started with two tasty cocktails — a pina colada and a mojito with added passion fruit; not exactly a steal at £6.95 each, but a very pleasant start.

The menu has a bit of everything imaginable, from pasta to burritos and burgers, stir fries to salads and pub classics — and it’s hard to settle on what the place will do best.

I opted for crunchy shrimp to start; tasty, crisp breaded prawns with a sweet chilli sauce.

The OH chose corn on the cob with chilli and lime butter, and was presented with a hefty portion which he scoffed in no time — perhaps a mistake, given how long the mains would take to arrive.

There was, it seems, a problem with the number of orders on the grill — the result was a good 45 minute wait.

My Mexican chicken burger — chipotle-marinated breast, chorizo, manchego, guacamole and corn and tomato relish — was wolfed down when it finally arrived, and credit to the kitchen for keeping the meat moist, as well as for the crispy, moreish sweet potato fries on the side.

Across the table, the giraffe burger didn’t fare so well; a dry patty overwhelmed by a deluge of mayo.

We finished with a chocolate tart and a brownie; both decent, although the tart won thanks to its cherry ripple ice cream.

The staff are very friendly and enthusiastic — unfortunately, a hold up with the food and a menu stacked with too many options leaves Giraffe trailing behind on Silverburn’s food safari.

Rating: 6/10


Silverburn Shopping Centre


G53 6AG

Tel: 0141 881 1026