Restaurant Review: Smart Italian without the stodge

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Restaurant reviewing and healthy eating — they don’t always go hand in hand. Italian was a dangerous choice for your critic, then.

Having made my way through creamy, cheesy or chocolatey delights at many of the southside’s Italian joints, a trip to Michaelangelo’s in Clarkston was daunting to this dieter.

But food fans, fear not; this slick restaurant satisfied a few cravings — without being too sinful.

The other half and I braved torrential rain for a visit and settled down to a smart, boutique-style table surrounded by plenty of midweek diners.

He may not be entirely on board with this healthy eating kick, but the OH started out well with insalata caprese; plump pillows of milky buffalo mozzarella with sweet slices of tomato, fresh basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

It’s a dish hard to do badly, but believe me, we’ve seen it — atMichaelangelo’s, it was perfectly balanced; clean, fresh and light enough for a starter, with just a little hint of naughty from that gorgeous cheese.

I opted for cornetto di salmone; smoked salmon stuffed with Marie Rose prawns and topped with salad. Again, it was a simple starter — and although the Marie Rose lacked punch, smoky notes and fresh leaves made for a delightful dish.

On then to the mains, and the OH’s spaghetti con polpette was drowned in parmesan and scoffed. Points to the kitchen for excellent meatballs; moist, full of flavour and doused in rich, pulpy tomato sauce — the kind you need a bib for.

On my side, linguine with king prawns, asparagus and cherry tomatoes went down a treat, with plump juicy seafood, sweet veg and more of that tasty ragu.

For those not watching waistlines, the menu has plenty to entice, from four versions of veal escalope to sweet treats baba al rum and (of course) tiramisu.

If Clarkston residents are on market for a new neighbourhood Italian then this place may go down a treat — indulgent or otherwise.

Rating: 8/10


9 Helena Place

Busby Road


G76 7RB

0141 638 7772