Restaurant review: new kid on the block impresses

Burgers, chicken wings, onion rings and chips ' what more could you want?
Burgers, chicken wings, onion rings and chips ' what more could you want?
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Remember a time when Glasgow barely had any burger joints?

It seems as if just a few months ago, the food of choice for the dear green place was Italian or Indian, but that may no longer be the case. For Glaswegians, the new food of choice may well be the burger.

Perhaps representative of this is Otago Street; Italian bistro Amici is no more, replaced by Skinny’s, the newest burger bar on the block.

From Ketchup to Ad Lib, from Burger Meats Bun to Lebowski’s, most of the city’s 20-somethings have already nailed their flag to the mast of their favourite joint.

After my first visit to Skinny’s, it is certainly fair to anoint the Otago Street eatery as a very worthy contender.

Skinny’s opened in October to much anticipation, gaining more than 1,000 followers on Facebook before the first patty had been flipped or bun had been toasted.

Tucked away between Gibson Street and Great Western Road,(familiar to Glasgow University students as the short trot from the union to Viper) Skinny’s is a hidden gem.

The food is unpretentious; go hungry and you will not be disappointed. Aware of its environs, a stone’s throw away from the uni, Skinny’s is more than reasonably priced and offers ample portions.

The menu is small and doesn’t, like some of its competitors, try to overwhelm the patron with choice, but instead, with taste.

The red chilli cheese burger is nothing short of delicious. A meaty patty, cooked medium just like it should be, overflowing with spicy chilli. It’s a feast in itself and costs less than £7.

Not that sides were needed, the onion rings are big, fluffy and perfectly cooked while the wings have just the right amount of spice.

With a full menu of desserts and cocktails, Skinny’s is the total package and well worth the trip for even the most discerning burger snob.

Rating: 9/10


61 Otago Street


G12 8PQ

Tel: 0141 339 8455