Restaurant Review: all aboard for a diet-friendly curry

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Fitness regimes and curry don’t really go, so I’m hopeful that Patrick McVey from The Shed bootcamp isnt reading this.

I was careful at Indian Platform, the latest incarnation of the restaurant at the southern tip of Newton Mearns.

And despite the name and the suggestion that you should stop here — and you should — there’s not a train in sight. But there’s plenty to choo-choo-choose from on the menu.

With my heavy protein, medium fat and low carbs eating plan set out, this was not the easiest of visits — a dozen curries available on the buffet, pakoras and poppadums, the works. Oh, and a chocolate fountain.

That’s exactly why I dared not venture up, and chose from the a la carte menu instead.

Mrs Oliver opted for a chapati filled with spicy chickpea chaana. She wolfed it down, and I had already demolished my buttery, fluffy king prawns.

Now, Patrick would be proud. I took the chicken tikka with boiled rice as a main — the sizzling plate of tender chicken spiced delicately enough to not even need the sauce serving on the side. It added to the dish though — yes, I tried it in the name of work, but just a little.

Mrs Oliver chose lamb jaipuri and the waiter liked her train of thought, admitting it was one of his recommended dishes.

Excellent food in lovely slick and stylish surroundings, it was an enjoyable meal and even fit in with my diet. Until dessert.

Conveniently, my seat was out of full sight of the chocolate fountain. Not so Mrs Oliver, who had marshmallows and strawberries oozing silky chocolate to finish. As if this wasn’t bad enough for a dieter, my ‘just take a taste of the mango sorbet’could have turned into two platefuls had I been offered. Delicious.

The diet survived — well almost — and living just a few 100 yards away, we could walk off some calories.

We’ll probably walk off some more when we go back to Indian Platform — maybe as a reward after I’ve completed my training (there I go again, off the rails).

Rating: 8/10

Indian Platform Southside

340 Ayr Road

Newton Mearns

G77 6RT

Tel: 0141 639 9779