Restaurant Review: a taste of Africa with a twist

You should really try Veldt's bunny chow...
You should really try Veldt's bunny chow...

AFTER just a few visits, Veldt became my favourite place to eat in Glasgow — and if you give it a chance, it will be yours too.

In the westend, delicatessens are ten-a-penny — but Veldt is different, and there is nowhere else like it in the city.

The cuisine is a Scottish/South African fusion, with a varied menu of breakfast and lunch options, all delicious and all extremely good value.

The real gem is meaty bunny chow. Served with either lamb or chicken, crusty bread forms a delicious edible bowl for a melt in the mouth curry.

It’s a welcome change from haggis sausage rolls, sweet potato soups and any other of a number of mandatory items served in every single deli within a two mile radius.

Veldt has single-handedly managed to quash the deli malaise sweeping Byres Road and beyond.

In the G12 area and its outskirts, identikit upmarket tearooms have been spreading like an infection, but —finally — there is one to get truly excited about.

From the moment you walk in, it just looks and feels different to anywhere else .

For caffeine junkies, Veldt holds its own alongside high end coffee houses with its own signature blend from Dear Green roasters.

Even in the coffee game, Veldt provides a unqiue selling point.

Nowhere else that I know serves Rooibos espresso as a delicious alternative. It has become my drink of choice and the perfect antidote to my overconsumption of coffee.

While you eat, you are surrounded by tempting cakes baked on the premises and a whole host of traditional South African goodies, including biltong, which is a variety of South African cured meat.

It’s one of those places you go to and really don’t want anybody else to know about, so it remains your own — but for some reason, I can’t seem to stop telling people how good it is...

Rating: 10/10

Veldt Deli

407 Great Western Road


G4 9JA

Tel: 0141 237 3352