Restaurant Review: a grand opening and grander portions

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There’s been a buzz about Shawlands since The Butterfly and the Pig announced it was flying south this month.

Maybe it was the promise of a new and improved Corona, an historic pub which had seen better days — or perhaps because it’s another marker for the southside’s cultural makeover.

Whatever the reason, the place was packed on Friday’s grand opening — proving there’s an appetite here for the bar’s particular brand of cosy kitsch.

The Butterfly and the Pig name trades on vintage furnishings and mismatched cutlery, and it’s all very cute — although the menu, which takes a few tries to read in all its quirkiness, may be a step too far.

I tucked into the black pudding starter — described with: “Cilla Black is back in black in a pudding, with salad, apples, bacon and parmesan” — and, truthfully, there were a lorra lorra reasons to love it.

Crisp cubes of black pudding were wonderful paired with soft, sweet apples — brought together by a mound of greenery, salty parmesan and quail egg.

Across the table, my friend was tackling a mountain of doorstop toast, spears of mushroom and tarragon cream. Everything about this dish was big, not least the flavoursome sauce — the kind you could happily stick your face in, politeness be damned.

We moved on to mains; hers, ample peaks of haggis, neeps and tatties and mine, a special of chorizo and chickpea stew with coley.

The haggis was doused in a potent whisky sauce (no skimping on measures here either) — a good, classic dish.

Mine was even better; rich, pulpy tomato laced with paprika from the crumbly sausage and a wedge of decent garlic bread. The fish was a touch dry, but flake it into the punchy casserole and you’re on to a winner.

The morning after, and memories of food at The Butterfly and the Pig were lingering on — not least because I received a tweet about my name being all over someone’s dinner (the fish and chips happened to be lovingly wrapped in your favourite local newspaper).

A welcome addition to the burgeoning Shawlands cafe culture, this quirky bar more than makes the grade — if anything, the biggest fault on the plate (if you can call it that) is sheer generosity.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Butterfly and the Pig South

1039 Pollokshaws Road


G41 3YF

Tel: 0141 258 1811