Residents in plea to council over parking

Dorian Drive residents are concerned their street will become a 'free for all' parking nightmare.
Dorian Drive residents are concerned their street will become a 'free for all' parking nightmare.

The residents of Dorian Drive in Clarkston are imploring East Renfrewshire Council not to lift the current parking restrictions in their street.

Their plea comes as a result of the councils consultation to implement revised parking restrictions in areas of Newton Mearns, Williamwood and Giffnock South, which covers Dorian Drive.

Residents spokesman Keith Denholm said: “There is no need to remove the current parking restrictions that are in force. I have spoken to the vast majority of residents in Dorian Drive who currently have parking restrictions outside their house and just under 98 per cent of residents do not wish the council to remove the parking restrictions.

Mr Denholm suggested that by lifting the restrictions it would cause no end of bother.

That included – the street becoming full of commuter parking with cars being abandoned from 8am until 6pm; pavement parking making it difficult for people with prams, the elderly and young children to negotiate safely; the blocking of residents driveways many of whom are elderly who would have difficulty manoeuvring their car in and out of a driveway where space has been restricted by inconsiderate parking, and parking on street corners creating significant hazards and traffic flow problems.

Mr Denholm went on to say: “Dorian Drive has a fire station at the end of it and we regularly see the fire engine driving up the road on a shout, with cars parked each side this will present severe difficulties for the fire service and will delay the engine as the road will become a single lane due to parked cars. The council consultation on the issue closed last Friday, June 26.

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