Residents’ anger at Linn Park closure

Linn Park and White Bridge.
Linn Park and White Bridge.

There’s a chill wind blowing in Linn Park, and residents say it’s all because Glasgow City Council have chopped down the trees.

According to some residents who have contacted The Extra, landscaping works have included stripping vegetation from the area around the waterfall, leaving nowhere for wildlife to shelter.

Susan White (63), of Netherlee, who has lived in the area for 60 years and walks in the park twice daily, said: “The changes are far too drastic, they’ve basically chopped trees down, uprooted bushes and left the place looking bare. It’s awful what they’ve done. I only hope that it will all grow back eventually.”

And to add insult to injury Mrs Yukiko, also a local resident, told us there is now a sign up saying the access into the park using the White Bridge is to be closed for four weeks from November 9.

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: “The works currently underway in Linn Park are associated with the repair and restoration of the White Bridge.

“Part of this work includes the removal of self-seeded trees which were obscuring the view of the bridge, an action commensurate with restoring the original designed landscape.

“The signs which are in place advising the extent and duration of work do indicate a full closure of the bridge.

“However, discussions are currently ongoing to establish whether it would be possible to find a safe method of work sufficient to allow crossing to continue.

“The net result upon completion will be a heritage asset fit for use to generations of Glaswegians and visitors.”