Reporter has final decision on local plan

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THE Scottish government reporter is set to decide on the future of East Renfrewshire’s local plan later this year.

A Scottish government spokeswoman said:“We have been advised by East Renfrewshire council that the plan is likely to be submitted to Scottish ministers for examination in April 2014.

“Scottish ministers expect the process from appointment of the reporters to reporting to take around six months.”

Last week, at a full meeting, East Renfrewshire council put forward its most recent proposal for a Local Development Plan, which will go to Holyrood for approval.

If given the go-ahead, the plan should see a new denominational school in Newton Mearns as well as extensive house development and a new mosque in Maidenhill.

Councillor Vincent Waters described the decision as “a positive result at the end of a long process”.

He added “Now those in the mosque debate must work to identify and deliver a site with the Muslim community.”

However, some in the Muslim community are unhappy with the council’s decision.

A spokesman from East Renfrewshire Mosque and Community Centre issued a statement on the decision.

He said: “The council has instead recommended our proposed second choice for land at Maidenhill.

“The Maidenhill site is not ideal and more importantly, not deliverable within a time frame that will accommodate the community’s urgent needs.

“We will continue to organize further community meetings in due course, in partnership with the ER Muslims forum, which represents the voice of the community.”