Remember to register

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VOTERS are being urged to register for their chance to have a say in next year’s Scottish independence referendum — particularly young people aged 16 or over.

The SNP white paper — Your Guide to an Independent Scotland — was launched this week, marking the countdown to September 18, 2014.

And, for the first time, those aged 16 and over on the day will be able to vote in the referendum.

More than 300,000 households across Glasgow will receive electoral registration forms in the coming weeks, and residents are asked to update and complete them to ensure that no one loses their chance to vote in any forthcoming election.

Hugh Munro, GCC’s electoral registration officer, explained: “The information in the forms is very important and is used to create the electoral register for 

“We have one planned election in 2014 — the European parliamentary elections on May 22, and of course the independence referendum on September 18.

“It’s simple to register — just follow the guidance on the form posted to your home.

“By registering you will have the chance to help choose the people that make decisions which affect your everyday life.

“It’s crucial that we get this message out to our young voters this year especially, and that they understand that if they are not on the voters roll, then they will not be allowed to vote.”

A young voter registration form is included in the pack, advising 16-year-olds and up how to go about getting their vote.

Residents who don’t need to make changes to their form can respond by text, online, or calling the registration team - to find out more, call 287 4444, or visit

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