Referendum day: time to decide

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Campaigns for Yes and No have come to a close as the nation answers the question: should Scotland be an independent country?

Polling stations are now open, and voters are urged to have their say until 10pm tonight (Thursday).

An ICM poll revealed by The Scotsman yesterday (excluding undecided voters) showed 48 per cent opting for Yes, compared with 52% for No.

John Davidson, of Radical Independence Campaign (RIC), believes that “the southside has been the most consistently supportive area in the whole of Glasgow”.

He told The Extra: “If all of Scotland was represented by the southside, then Yes would be winning with about 65%.

“There are still 10% yet to decide, and it’s these people we’ve been speaking to over the last week.

“Between 7am and 10pm, we have absolute sovereign power - we have the option of giving that power away, or retaining it.

“I would hope that people make that decision based on their hopes, rather than their fears.”

Over in East Renfrewshire, Better Together Eastwood reports between 60 and 70% No pledges, compared to 20% for Yes and 10% undecided.

Councillor and campaign co-ordinator Ian McAlpine believes “the momentum is now with No Thanks”.

He said: “We’re very confident about the figures for No, and about the turnout in East Renfrewshire.

“I would say to residents to make sure they cast their vote for this historic occasion.

“Months of campaigning will all be worthwhile if we remain part of the UK. We can have a fairer, more equitable, more socially just society but independence is not the way to do it.”

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