Red for stop at junction

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A STOP line has had to be pulled back three metres to deter motorists from running a red light at a junction in Muirend.

Problems have arisen on the offside lane in Muirend Road next to Sainsbury’s as drivers speed through red lights and into Windlaw Gardens.

No accidents have occurred at the site yet but residents and local councillor Mary Montague said action was needed to be taken before it did.

The community safety convener said: “Although this may have become a local practice for some time, there is anxiety in the area for the safety of children who use this crossing to get to school.

“It is also against the law. Police will be taking action against any driver who makes this unlawful manoeuvre of driving from Muirend Road into Windlaw Gardens against the red ‘stop’ light”.

New chief inspector Alan Murray also vowed to tackle dangerous motorists.

He said: “Both the council’s traffic service and community officers are going to give the area some extra attention”.

The situation was brought to c ouncillor Montague’s attention when a man contacted her to say he had almost been hit by a car that had jumped the red light and while the green man was illuminated.

So this week the Williamwood, Netherlee and Stamperland councillor visited the site with two community officers to see the new measure in force.

She said: “I am urging drivers who travel into Windlaw Gardens to keep within the law and not travel through a red light as pedestrians, especially children, are at risk.

“As a precaution, pedestrians should be extra careful when crossing the entrance to Windlaw Gardens for any vehicles entering from Muirend Road.

“When the green man button at the Muirend Road/Windlaw Gardens traffic island is pressed, all the traffic is halted at that location”.

A spokesman for East Renfrewshire council added: “Last summer a new traffic signal head was installed on the existing pole on the Clarkston Road side at the top of Windlaw Gardens.

“The new head has the desired effect to leave Muirend Road drivers in no doubt that they are presented with a red signal”.