Recycling proposals slated

A proposal for a recycling complex in Newton Mearns has been slammed by the outgoing Friends of the Earth chief executive Duncan McLaren.

The lifetime recycling village and biomass plant proposal for Loganswell farm would generate renewable heat and electricity from non-recyclable waste that comes through the complex.

A spokesman for the Scottish government told The Extra: "It was submitted by (law firm) Dundas and Wilson ( on behalf of Lifetime Recycling Village) and is open to consultation until January 7.

"We aim to finalise and publish initial response on our website by February.

"It would be up to the developer to submit an application to us following that. If he did, then we would aim to make a decision within nine months".

An East Renfrewshire council spokesman confirmed that if this situation was to become a full proposal, ERC would be consulted, however, he also stressed the final decision would be beyond its remit.

FOE's Mr McLaren told The Extra: "We are intensely sceptical of these plans.

"At first sight it may appear better than a conventional incinerator, but in practice it could share many of the same problems".

"Unless most of the heat generated by the power plant can be captured and used, the efficiency of power generation in such facilities is so poor that carbon emissions can be worse than in conventional coal fired power stations".

"Delivering a zero-waste Scotland will mean ensuring high-quality recycling of separately-collected materials, not burning mixed waste and turning the residue into aggregate".

Mr McLaren's objections come despite assurances by proposers of the lifetime recycling village of its green motives.

Their plan claims some 700 jobs could be created at the facility, which would sort rubbish for recycling and turn what is left into a gas that would be burned to create more than 100 megawatts of electricity — enough to power 100,000 homes.

Brian Kilgour, chief executive of LRV may face opposition from locals, including nearby homeowner Harry Stewart, of Loganswell residents' association, who has intimated that the group will oppose such plans.

Another local man who is also firmly against any such development is Jim Whyteside of West Acres

He said: "I fear it is no more than a Trojan horse to build a gigantic waste incinerator that will in time turn the Mearns into Glasgow's ashtray.

"I intend to write to all local authority and parliamentary candidates bidding for our votes and ask them to confirm their stance on the proposed waste plant".