Reaction to Robslee closure

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At A meeting last night, Robslee parents gathered to discuss the next step in their fight to keep their childrens’ school open.

They are now considering their options, including legal action, following the government’s decision to approve the council’s closure of the school.

After being given the go-ahead last week, the council is now set to implement plans for the phased closure.

An ERC spokesman said: “Now that Scottish Ministers have agreed with our proposals to combine Robslee and Giffnock primary schools, the next stages will be to implement the decision made at the education committee earlier this year”.

A new headteacher of the combined school would assume leadership for both school communities as early as possible in 2011-2012.

In the current East Renfrewshire council proposal, a phased closure would begin with the current P1 and P2 at Robslee joining Giffnock next August.

Ellie Steel, chair of Giffnock parent council, says she has “every sympathy with the Robslee parents.

“Neither set of children will gain anything in the short term, and if there will be any educational benefit, ERC have to show a commitment to Giffnock primary for all the children.

“The council needs to be open about where the savings from closing Robslee, if there are any, are going to go.

“I am sure Robslee parents have a few tricks up their sleeve and more power to them if they can keep the school open.

“However, if they can’t, we will do whatever we can to ensure a smooth transition”.

The current P3 and P4 class would be left, and would be entering P6 and P7 by August 2014, at which point they will transfer to Giffnock and Robslee will close its doors for the last time

A council spokesman declined to answer questions on the possibility of a new school name, ICT facilities, traffic concerns at the new Giffnock primary and future use of the Robslee building.

However, he did maintain that “pupils, staff and parents of both schools will be kept informed and involved throughout”.