Raising public involvement

The newly formed community council.
The newly formed community council.

A community council has been established to serve the interests of Newton Mearns.

The members of the newly established body come from a wide range of occupational backgrounds and experience.

They share a common interest in furthering and promoting the general welfare of the local community and look forward to vigorous engagement with public officials.

The Broom, Kirkhill and Mearnskirk Community Council (CC) will hold its inaugural public meeting at 8pm at Mearns Castle High School on February 8. The meeting will allow local residents to acquaint themselves with the new CC members and are encouraged to attend and express their views and opinions. Council members are well acquainted with the many issues of current and impending impact on the local area including land use planning and development, roads and sidewalk maintenance, traffic management in an increasingly congested suburban space, school places and access, public transport issues and difficulties, littering and dog fouling.

Following the meeting, contact details for the new council will be publicised.