Rabbi is Scotland’s longest-serving

Rabbi Chaim Jacobs with his wife Sora
Rabbi Chaim Jacobs with his wife Sora

A southside Rabbi has officially become Scotland’s longest-serving having given almost five decades of service to his community.

Rabbi Chaim Jacobs (70) has given 48-years service to his people, and claims he has no intention of sitting back and putting his feet up.

The southside has the largest Jewish community in Glasgow, but like all such communities has been dwindling in numbers over the years.

Rabbi Jacobs said: Rabbi Jacobs said: “A number of synagogues have closed because the community has contracted. You have a married couple and they have two or three children who go off to university or college and they don’t come back to Glasgow after that.

“Either because they find a better Jewish social life down south or overseas, or they find better job opportunities. They don’t settle in Glasgow, so now a family of two adults and two or three children is just down to the two adults.

“And then very often, when they come to retirement age, they are moving to where their children are.”

The Lubavitch movement is something he feels very strongly about, and is a very active member. The organisation is the world’s largest Jewish educational outreach organisation.

“The main function of the organisation is to try and inspire and encourage Jews to come back to their faith”, said Rabbi Jacobs.

“The Lubavitch came into the community primarily to reach out to the community. We are not tied down to these functions on a day-to-day basis. When we came to Scotland we were a breath of fresh air for the Jewish community.”

Commenting further: “As long as we are here, as long as there are Jews here that we can preach to or reach to or connect with, we have our work cut out.”