Queen’s Park: back 
to life

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THE schedule has been confirmed for the Queen’s Park arena’s inaugural event.

On Saturday, October 6, the new Queen’s Park arena — which is situated on the old bandstand site — will be the ideal destination for a day of music, dance and drama.

Dr Evelyn Silber, chair of the steering group, said: “The programme will feature a mixture of music, dance and drama reflecting the diverse cultures of the communities surrounding the park and showcasing some of the fantastic performers who live and work there.

“The space will be an asset to the whole city of Glasgow not just the southside. It will be unique, attracting touring companies and events to the city and enabling the area to take part in city wide festivals”.

This year marks the park’s 150th anniversary.

The event will kick off with a performance from Shawlands Academy’s music group, followed by A’capella Jazz and pop with Miss Jo.

Ecole Enterprise will then present excerpts from The Little Mermaid, before the Gypsy Rayner band take the stage.

At 2.15pm Dance Ihayami perform Indian Dance, then Flockheart will play bluegrass music.

To mark the 150th anniversary, Tram Direct will display a Victorian drama called A Peek at the Victorians.

The drama is followed by a performance from Dance Factory studio, African music by Seed of Thought and an acoustic session by Tales of Jake.

Then Danny Boyle and Paddy Callaghan will play traditional irish music, before classic rock and pop from Howlin Radio band, who “cant wait to play at the new bandstand”.

Local singer Kirsten Easdale, commented on Facebook: “What a great idea. Too many of our old band stands and outdoor performance spaces have been left to rot. Good to see this new arena”.

Howlin Radio guitarist Crawford Smith said: “This will be a top day in the park. Myself and the rest of the and outdoor performance spaces have been left to rot. Good to see this new arena”.

The farmer’s market will also be also be open as normal.

In 1996 the bandstand 
was razed to the ground by fire, after the terracing had fallen into advanced dilapidation.

The regeneration of the derelict site is the result of two years of work from four community councils.

Following the stabilisation of the ground, resurfacing of the arena and terraces and instalisation of new drainage and power, the first phase of the process is now complete.