Putting a twist into classic film noir

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A new film is about to hit the screens with many of the key figures hailing from or living in the southside.

It’s a low budget but very slick short movie fashioned in the style of Micky Spilane’s Mike Hammer private-eye-meets-femme-fatale.

And, if Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacal were available, they may very well have been shmoozing for the top roles.

Actress Nima Sene is perfect as female lead Brigid Astor. Nima and art director Daiva Ivanauskaite both live in Shawlands.

Reflections of a Private Eye will begin shooting in May.

Billed as “film noir with a twist”, Reflections reinvents the private eye and femme fatale archetypes and applies an unconventional structure to a classic genre.

The story goes that Dick Nicely is gunned down in his home.

As he lies there bleeding all over his floorboards, Nicely recalls the case that led to his death —a tail job for a classy dame named Brigid Astor.

She thought her husband was stepping out on her.

Turns out the husband ain’t the adulterous type and the dame ain’t so classy.

But then, Brigid has her own story to tell—a deadly ride through the post-war underworld of gangsters, showbiz pzazz and forbiddenl ove.

It seems that all the players want to get their hands on a mysterious and elusive briefcase.

But what’s in it and what’s it worth?

The film is set against the backdrop of an unnamed US city in 1947.