Protesters use power of the pen

The Muslim community feel the WEC is not enough.
The Muslim community feel the WEC is not enough.
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Having gathered almost 1,000 signatures, a petition against plans to build a Mosque on Eastwood high school grounds is set for Holyrood.

The online appeal, which will be sent to the First Minister, supports the motion to “stop East Renfrewshire council from selling short our children’s future”.

The original submission is from East Renfrewshire Mosque and community centre group to build on the high schools’s outdoor recreational space.

In a written submission to the local authority, Nazir Ahmed, a trustee of the East Renfrewshire Mosque and Community Centre group, said: ”A centrally-located and dedicated mosque, which will also serve multiple roles and functions as a community hub, is vital for East Renfrewshire and should be identified in the local plan.”

On Monday, almost 400 residents gathered in a meeting at Mearns Castle High to debate the plans.

Following the meeting, protesting parent Joanne Murphy believes there is a united front against the Mosque on Eastwood high school grounds.

She said: “One thing made me really proud, the whole community was together: everyone agreed we have something to fight together for our kids.

“We have a huge fight on our hands, we can’t underestimate this council.”

Councillor Vincent Waters told The Extra: “There is widespread agreement that a site needs to be identified for a Mosque in East Renfrewshire. Where it goes should balance the wishes of the Muslim and the wider Eastwood communities.”