Protest against SDL

THERE were scenes of disruption on Sunday when a small group from the Scottish Defence League attempted to lay a wreath near the spot where a man was killed.

Trouble started when a group of ten people from the far right organisation gathered in Pollokshields to lay a tribute to William McKeeney (57), who was murdered by two Asians last January.

However, a counter protest by United Against Fascism showed up to disrupt the SDL.

Keeping them apart were up to 100 police officers, some on horseback.

Pollokshields man William McKeeney was attacked by Asif Rehman (20) and Adel Ishaq (20), as he made his way home from a local bar.

The pair knocked Mr McKeeney down before jumping on his head and body.

The attack was witnessed by Mr McKeeney’s partner, who had heard the noise from the attack.

Both were found guilty of the crime and handed life sentences, though the racial element was dropped during the trial.

Another man, Umar Bahti, was found in contempt of court during the trial over conflicting evidence he gave and was given a 15 month sentence.

The SDL at the time held a protest outside after the pair were sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh.

It is believed that Mr McKeeney’s partner, his family and friends are appalled that the far right group has hijacked his murder for their own political ends.

The SDL is an offshoot from the English Defence League which is a far right group combating what it claims to be the spread of Islamism, Sharia Law and Islamic extremism.

They have been known to be linked with the football casual subculture as well as other fart right groups such as the British National Party.

Some people who witnessed the incident claimed that police had to escort Muslim women around the southside.

The main trouble was around Albert Drive and Darnley Street, though there was also a strong police presence around Pollokshields East train station.