Proposals to crackdown on boy racers

CARELESS drivers could be fined on the spot by police if Westminster’s new strategy is passed through parliament.

Just now motorists are taken to court first before any fine.

But Under the Framework for Road Safety, drivers who tail-gate, undertake or cut others up often go unpunished so introducing instant penalties would be more efficient.

Offenders would get a fine of at least £80 and three points on their licence. If passed, the law is likely to be introduced in Scotland, England and Wales in 2012.

The department for transport said it would also include a clampdown on drug-driving and the closing of loopholes that allow people to escape drink-driving charges.

Under the proposals, isqualified drivers would have to undergo retraining and possibly take another test before they got their licence back.

Courts would be encouraged to make more use of their powers to seize vehicles for the most serious offences.

There will be support for new drivers to hone driving skills, and wider retraining courses for less serious offences.