Problem wall fixed after resident’s seven year fight

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A CATHCART resident is celebrating after winning a seven-year battle to repair a wall beside his home.

William Deacon has been campaigning to Glasgow Life - and previous incarnation Culture and Sport - to fix the wall behind the Couper Institute, on the path from Linwood Court to Monreith Road, since 2006.

The wall at the back of the B-listed community building had been a target for vandals and temporary fencing hadn’t alleviated the problem — instead reducing the width of the lane and causing problems for commuters accessing the nearby Cathcart railway station.

Mr Deacon has maintained his campaign since 2006, with correspondents including MSP James Dornan and councillor Sadie Docherty, now lord provost of Glasgow.

He told The Extra: “The Extra covered the story last year, and it’s finally been reinstated — but it’s taken seven years to do it, being passed from department to department.

“The people of Linwood Court have put up with the inconvenience for all that time, and it became a no-go area, with people hanging about and drinking - part of that was the council not doing anything about it in the first instance.

The cost must be extortionate compared to what it could have been if it was fixed at the time, and it’s taken up lots of my time as well.

“But I’d like to thank councillor Docherty and Mr Dornan for their help — you’ve got to speak to someone in authority to keep the issue moving and I was able to keep chasing them about it.”

Mr Dornan, MSP for Cathcart, added: “I was delighted to assist Mr Deacon in his quest to ensure the wall at the back of the Couper Institute was repaired.

“The Couper is an important part of Cathcart’s heritage and I am pleased that Glasgow Life have finally undertaken the work to repair the wall and hope they will ensure that the Couper never falls into such a condition again.”