Primary three sport stars on road to Rio

Sports day for 300 kids from East Renfrewshire
Sports day for 300 kids from East Renfrewshire

Hundreds of youngsters across East Renfrewshire have been given a taste of the Olympic Games.

Primary Three pupils from Busby, Netherlee, Carolside and St Joseph’s schools took part in their own mini Games at Overlee Playing Fields.

They ran, threw, kicked and even fired arrows as they were given the chance to try five different Olympic sports – archery, athletics, boccia, football and rugby.

The event was organised by East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure, as part of their Road to Rio Passport 2016 initiative to encourage young people to try different sports.

Games days have been held throughout East Ren over the past few weeks, which have seen thousands of youngsters given the opportunity to take part in sport.

A Road to Rio Passport document has been given to pupils and each time they try a new sport their teacher or coach will sign their passport.

And by the time the real Olympics start, the youngsters will be presented with bronze, silver or gold medals depending on how many activities they have tried.

Anthony McReavy, chief executive of East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure explained: “One of our main aims is to encourage more young people to become active and healthy and sport is a great way of achieving this.

“Everyone will be caught up in the Rio Olympics with all the media coverage it gets and we’re using this to capture the imagination of the youngsters and get them excited about sport.

“Our festivals of sport have been hugely popular and the youngsters have just loved being outdoors and taking part in fun activities.

“And we’ll be making sure we keep up the momentum after the Olympics in August and the youngsters continue to participate in sport.”