Pride in East Renfrewshire

SFGS Alex Mackie
SFGS Alex Mackie

As Provost of East Renfrewshire it is my honour to represent the area locally and across the country.

I am and have always been proud of this area and our people and proud to carry out that duty.

That pride is doubled when you represent an area that delivers the very best schools in the country and which delivers an innovative health and care service that puts the needs of local people first.

New Year is an opportunity to look at what we’ve all accomplished in the past year.

Residents right across East Renfrewshire rose to the challenge when we changed the refuse collection service. an area that for a long time languished in mid-table mediocrity when it comes to recycling is now joint first in the country.

That’s down to the commitment of residents who see quite clearly that recycling is good for East Renfrewshire and good for Scotland.

We’ve been working hard over the past year to get our roads into shape. It’s clear to see the extra investment we have made going to good use across the area but like every area across Scotland there’s more to do.

This year we looked back to events in Clarkston 40 years ago.

The Clarkston disaster was a defining moment in the lives of many people and families in our area.

With all of the local churches we marked the moment and commemorated the lives lost and the grief stricken lives that continued.

Clarkston was once described as the forgotten disaster. It is clear to me that in remembering this important anniversary Clarkston will never be forgotten.

I hope your New Year is a safe and happy one.

I would like to thank you for the support you give to me as Provost and for giving me so many reasons to be proud to represent you every day of the year.

Happy New Year