Single largest housing investment in a decade

Investing in homes in East Renfrewshire is welcomed say residents.
Investing in homes in East Renfrewshire is welcomed say residents.

A £32million investment into social housing across the East Renfrewshire Council area has been agreed - and it’s a very welcome addition say many.

Councillors approved the Housing Capital Programme for the next five years which will deliver extensive housing projects, and much needed housing for the years ahead.

Key projects will include: £4 million in upgrading central heating in social rent accommodation by 2021.

£1.4 million to rewire 400 properties.

£8 million on external structural projects including roofs and rendering.

£3.2 million invested in new internal elements such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors.

£1.4 million upgrading sheltered housing.

£14.4 million on new build council housing.

The announcement follows the news that East Renfrewshire Council, supported by the Scottish Government, will be spending £900,000 on off the shelf accommodation by the end of March 2017, adding additional properties to the area’s social housing stock.

Councillor Danny Devlin, Convener of Housing, said: “We are committed to providing the best quality homes possible for our residents so I’m delighted that we have made such a significant commitment to improving, and increasing, our housing stock.

“This will make a genuine difference to residents’ lives and I look forward to seeing the plan become a reality. It’s an exciting time as we enter the most extensive house building and investment programme in East Renfrewshire in a generation.”

Kirtsen Oswald MP said: “I welcome the commitment by East Renfrewshire Council to improve the availability and maintenance standards of social housing in our area, to meet the needs of local people. The investment by the Scottish Government in maximising housing provision and availability across the country is also important, and provides a stark contrast to the Tory housing crisis south of the border. In East Renfrewshire, the focus on developing social housing via brownfield regeneration, and creating accommodation to suit the needs of our local demographic is helpful, and will provide homes which are needed in our local Eastwood communities, now and for the future.”